Biocore Pilates

Facilitated by

registered Biokineticist

Debbie Wilson

Biocore Pilates

Program Options


The program structure allows you to enjoy a guided pilates class at any day or time that suits you. 

  • Verbal cues
  • Visual demonstrations
  • Routines by a medically qualified & registered professional
  • To keep you healthy, and
  • Maintain your quality of Life!

Live online pilates

The live class provides you with visual and vocal cues under the supervision and guidence of a qualified professional.

2 Classes per week

Two new online videos drop every Monday morning to replace the previous weeks online videos.

3 classes per week

Three new online videos drop every Monday morning to replace the previous weeks online videos.

Pricing Plans

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*No refunds or discounts for videos not accessed within the month.

The Biocore Pilates Offering

Biocore Pilates was established in 2007 after identifying the need for biokinetic patients to keep moving.
With this Biokinetic perspective a variety of ongoing rehabilitative, preventative and progressive exercises were then established and offered in regular group classes. Patients have now found a way to keep moving under professional supervision!
Biocore Pilates is a cost effective solution that not only offers a bridge between mind and body, between everyday life and optimal performance, between rehabilitation and healthy movement, it offers a system that, when used to its full potential, can enhance every aspect of life. It offers a solution to those with restricted mobility as well as to elite athletes. It is as beneficial for an 11-year-old as it is for an 80-year-old and as motivating for men as for women.

Biocore facilitates our philosophy that… we are “designed to move.”

This is for You!

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I am a 65 year old lawyer who spends most of the working day sitting at my desk and on the computer. Having played a range of sports all my life I have kept a reasonable level of fitness, but felt myself increasingly affected by lower back pain and stiffness as I got older.
I have been doing Pilates with Debs for the past 4 years, and gradually over time my back pain largely disappeared. They have been key in helping me maintain a good level of fitness and flexibility, as well as being a lot of fun. Debbie varies the classes, which stops them becoming dull and boring. They compliment other forms of exercise you may be doing, whether running, paddling or cycling, and I would recommend them to everybody.
Bruce Robertson


I started Pilates in October 2017 after experiencing neck and back muscle spasm due to excessive computer use. My right arm and shoulder was constantly painful and I had limited range of movement of the arm and shoulder and decreased strength.
I have noticed my core is stronger, my right arm and shoulder strength has improved and I have had some much needed centimetre loss. The hour long classes function as a mindfulness zone for me and the stretching has helped improve both the spasm and flexibility my shoulder and back. In addition, Debbie is pleasant and always so encouraging which keeps me motivated to try harder and continue my journey.
I have better posture, am more self aware of my muscles and their strength and I am more flexible since starting pilates
Nisha Nadesan-Reddy

Medical Doctor

I started Pilates with Debs in 2017 due to my struggles with scoliosis. I thought that her mix of experience as a Biokineticist and a Pilates Instructor would be the most beneficial for my back and after just a few classes I started reaping the benefits! Debs has helped me so much with my back and has enabled me to carry on pursuing my passion of dancing through much personal guidance as to what the safe limits for my own body are. She has helped me appreciate and understand my body and its limits far more than I ever did and through using the personal exercises that she gave me at the beginning of my journey my flexibility and strength have improved enormously! The advanced classes on a Monday with Jade are also SUCH fun. Expect more giggles in this class as we all have a great time looking silly together!
Michele Sutton